HOW TO: Holiday Holly Wall

One of my favorite things to come out of the studio this year was our Meadow Wall. This is a seasonal twist in that same vein. Shown here as a festive backdrop for a brunch spread of tasty baked goods, this would add just the right dose of merry to any time of day.
11 x 17 sheets of green card stock
5 inch honeycomb paper balls Painter's Tape
Stapler or glue stick
To start you will need to download our templates below for the three sizes of leaves used. The larger leaves come in two sections, and will need to be taped together to create the full template. Next, trace the leaves onto green card stock and cut them out. To create depth and dimension, slightly overlap the leaves along the center cut and staple or glue one inch from the end.
I recommend laying out your leaves and berries on the floor directly below where you plan to put up the decoration, this will help you determine how many leaves and berries you need. Painter's tape is all you need to install this temporary display, and believe it or not this will keep it up for several days. Simply make one to two inch loops of tape and apply them to the top and bottom tips of the back side of each leaf. The tissue paper balls will need larger loops to hold them open - but again with painter's tape there is no risk of damage to your walls.
To add height and interest to our tables, we wrapped a few boxes in our Candles wrapping paper and used a full sheet of the same paper to make a table runner. You can even save yourself dirty dishes by laying waxed paper on top of the wrap and place your baked goods directly on the paper.
Templates: Small Leaf Medium Leaf A and Medium Leaf B Large Leaf A and Large Leaf B Be Merry A and Be Merry B and Be Merry C and Be Merry D