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Spotted on Oh Happy Day

I was as pleased as punch to spot our Barber Stripe wrapping paper used as a backdrop for this cute project on Oh Happy Day. This is by far one of my favorite papers we have ever produced, and while it does not carry the florals for which I am better known I think of it as a classic Snow & Graham design. This paper has been discontinued for years. I would love to bring it back.

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color story: black & blue

For many years I wore navy sweaters and blackwatch plaid five days a week. Say what you will about school uniforms, but I miss those days and my love for black and navy (or any blue) endures.

fig 1. Maison Martin Margiela Wallet  fig. 2 Pierre Hardy Purse  fig 3. Alexis Bitar Cuff  fig. 4 Rag & Bone Jacket  fig 5. Jimmy Choo Loafers

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nicely paired: Botanical Calendar

The graceful lines of this stunning Victorian mourning bracelet pairs beautifully with our 2013 Botanical Calendar.

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spotted on Design Sponge

Have you seen this New Year’s party held at the Design Sponge HQ? It looked like my kind of party. Lots of sweet treats and pink all over. Our Cupcakes and Roses wrapping papers were part of this large scale collage of papers and I love the look of it. This is such a simple way to make a bold statement, and not just for a party.

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What are you doing NYE?

It has been a whirlwind of activity this Holiday season….at home, on the blog and in the studio. It seems the Holiday HOW-TO series was a hit and I have really loved seeing these tutorials go do good use. Here at HQ we are getting deliveries of our new designs for 2013 and it looks so good, I can’t wait to share it with you. Somehow in the midst of all of this I have been able to indulge in all my favorite Christmas traditions with friends and family.

We have one last tradition to fit in before 2012 comes to a close and it is a favorite. Each New Year’s Eve Tyler and I make cheese fondue. We do it if it is just the two of us or if we are hosting a crowd. Here is a peek at our NYE last year. It will be hard to beat.

Fondue really is an event and makes a quiet evening in feel luxurious and indulgent.

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HOW TO: Folded Paper Tree

One last Holiday HOW-TO before Christmas that you truly could accomplish in time to deck out your mantle or dress your tabletop. All you need is paper and a pair of nice sharp scissors. Of course I recommend using Snow & Graham wrap (it really is just the right weight for this project) but you should grab whatever you have and get folding. Looking for a last minute gift for the person who has everything? I bet they don’t have a set of these darling decorations hand crafted by the one and only you. Merry Christmas!

There are a lot of steps, but don’t be discouraged. I suggest making a smaller one first to learn the steps, then give larger and tiny versions a try. This project is great because you can really make them as big or small as you like.

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Christmas Party 2012

Christmas is my holiday. I love it and so does my husband and we are doing our best to pass on this enthusiasm to our boys. Yesterday we hosted an open house and it was everything we could have hoped for. I couldn’t wait to share these photos. I will post more details of how and what later this week.

This bow wall came to me in a vision. I don’t ever want to take it down.


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HOW TO: wrapping with scraps

As you might imagine we have a good amount of scraps around the studio….and it truly pains me to let any of our paper go to waste. We put together a little round up of some of the clever things you can do with the small bits of paper that are an inevitable part of wrapping lots and lots of gifts.

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Gift Pairings

Adding a little something extra can elevate a nice present to an oh-so thoughtful gift. Even if you are giving a gift off their list, a complimentary surprise will have them oohing and ahhing. Here are a few things I think would be greatly enhanced by the addition of a little paper to the presentation.

For your sister-in-law who makes the best brownies:
cake knife from Leif Shop is pretty sweet with these recipe cards.

For your best friend who lives far away:
set of walnut birds from Gretel Home with Tweets notecards for keeping in touch.

For your design savvy sister:
an annual subscription to Anthology magazine and our mini desk calendar will remind her how great you are – every single day.

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Wrap Pairings + a giveaway

I vowed to get a head start on wrapping last year….and the year before that, come to think of it. Even though the collecting and sourcing of different ribbons and gift toppers begins months before Christmas, it always seems that I am up into the wee hours on December 24th making magic happen. With most of my shopping out of the way, it is time to start cutting, folding and tying all those bows. How about you? Are you ready to wrap?

GIVEAWAY: Tell me which pattern paring you like best in the comments below and you may win a bundle of those very same wraps. Let me know by Monday, December 17th at noon CST so that we can ship them out in plenty of time.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Barbara T!

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