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Chic Chick Shower {part two}

I have been sitting on this post for weeks, in fact these photos were taken months ago. And then this morning I woke up and thought “this is silly, why am I so delinquent in posting these beautiful pictures?”

Why? Why? Why?

It hit me that this shower looks like it took a lot of effort, when in truth this blog post took much more. (You can see the inspiration and the parts that created this sum here.) For one, words are not my forte and two I have had a difficult time finding a point of view for this post. Which is funny because the point of view or theme of this shower was so clear. And that clarity made this a really easy event to pull off.

Chic Chick Shower | Snow & Graham

For as many wonderful resources as there are these days for party inspiration there is that terrible self-inflicted pressure to make your child’s birthday party or best friend’s baby shower extra special and unique. What might start out as a desire to be a little creative and have some fun can become a stress inducing week of sourcing the perfect color stripey straws.

Chic Chick Candy | Snow & Graham

When I look at these pictures I am in awe a little bit. It looks so well thought out and put together. The truth is that it was and it wasn’t. All of the paper details were dictated by the invitation and some effort was certainly given there, but after that it all came together pretty quickly. The hardest part was cleaning my house!

Chic Chick Shower | Snow & Graham

All of the sweets were store bought. I chose what to serve based on the color of the invitation. Picking one or two colors and committing to them gives the presentation a lot of impact. The whole you-eat-with-your-eyes thing is in full effect here. And I did the same thing with the flowers. I bought every variety of yellow they had at the grocery store that day and kept the arranging simple by keeping them separate. I love this trick.

Chic Chick Shower | Snow & Graham

I know this doesn’t look easy, and it wasn’t in some ways. But having that clear point of view, that theme to fall back on made a world of difference. That’s the best thing I can recommend for any party plans or just about anything.

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