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Chic Chick baby shower {part one}

With each of my pregnancies I waited to find out what I was having until my boys (all three!) were born. It drives some people crazy, but for me it felt right. Finding out makes a lot of little things much easier, and as a first class planner I totally get why people choose to do so. Preparing the nursery, picking out names and, of course, throwing the baby shower all take a little more creative thinking when you don’t know if you should go pink or blue.

What does that leave? The dreaded yellow! Here is my outline for putting together a fresh and modern take on the de facto gender neutral color. Details below, more photos of the shower to come!

(click through for details…)

COLOR SCHEME: Drawn from our Chicks, Blackberry and Golden Cherry wrapping papers.
INVITATION: Our fuzzy bright Chick invitation is sweet and modern and gender neutral.
CANDY: Hammer home the color scheme with treats that double as decor.
COASTERS: Another multi-purpose staple at my parties for decoration and protection.
NOTECARDS: A great gift for the honored guest and always hand for the hostess.


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One Response to “Chic Chick baby shower {part one}”

  1. Corinne says:

    I love the blackberry and chick theme. Makes me wish I were having a party!

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