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HOW TO: Folded Paper Tree

One last Holiday HOW-TO before Christmas that you truly could accomplish in time to deck out your mantle or dress your tabletop. All you need is paper and a pair of nice sharp scissors. Of course I recommend using Snow & Graham wrap (it really is just the right weight for this project) but you should grab whatever you have and get folding. Looking for a last minute gift for the person who has everything? I bet they don’t have a set of these darling decorations hand crafted by the one and only you. Merry Christmas!

There are a lot of steps, but don’t be discouraged. I suggest making a smaller one first to learn the steps, then give larger and tiny versions a try. This project is great because you can really make them as big or small as you like.

Start with a square sheet of paper and fold diagonally from corner to corner with patterned side showing. Open and fold along the opposite diagonal (fig. 3). Open the sheet and fold in half length wise with the blank side of the paper showing. Repeat the fold in the other direction.  Bring the paper together so that the creases create a star shape, with the pattern facing out. (Fig. 6).

Flatten your star into a triangle so that there are two flaps on each side. Lift one of the flaps up and put your finger inside to open the sheet up (Fig.7). Press down on the center crease to fold the flap into a diamond shape. Fold the diamond onto itself towards the right, to create a new triangle. (Fig.8). Repeat this step on the three remaining triangles. Cut off bottom pieces to create a triangle. (Fig. 12).

Make a small mark two inches from the tip of the triangle, and then in one inch increments going down the triangle. (Fig.13). Make straight cuts on these marks, each cut can range from 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length. We recommend cutting two flaps at a time using your first cuts as a guide for the subsequent cuts. Fold each tab on a diagonal towards the bottom of the tree. Repeat on all tabs. (Fig.16 & 17).

We recommend making your first tree with a 12 inch square, but this project scales beautifully using any size square. Happy folding!


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