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a room for baby: BOY

As I mentioned earlier, we do not know the sex of baby #3. This means that our friends and family are going crazy with their predictions and that we have not done a thing to our existing nursery. Should baby #3 be boy #3 I feel an overwhelming desire to give him things of his own…..while also making good use of the many, many boy things we already have. I love the idea of layering patterns and textures in this incarnation of the nursery, while also keeping it clean and unfussy. Since we already have the foundation pieces, it will be a treat to bring in a few things that will make the space unique for the newest little either way.

1. Kidsonroof Farm Bedding
2. Themis Trio Mobile
3. Womb Chair
4. Uusi Moderne Farm horse & pig
5. Winter Water Factory Romper
6. J. Schatz Egg Night Light
7. Striped nursery from Project Nursery (found on Pinterest)

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One Response to “a room for baby: BOY”

  1. linnea says:

    That farm bedding is awesome. I’m sending Adrienne a link. She recently asked me for “cool” kids bedding ideas and I went blank. Clearly, the expert taste lies in your court.

    And as always, seeing Uusi on Snow & Graham’s blog is such a treat!!

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