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HOLIDAYS: Paper Cone Wreath

When I was preparing for this post, I had every intention of determining the origin of this paper creation. It seemed like the right thing to do and the kind of information you’d probably like to hear about. But in the hustle and the bustle of this frenzied season it was all I could do to document the how to and edit the photos. Maybe one of you knows the history of cone wreaths and would be willing to share?

I made a few of these so far this year (see here and here) for a few of my favorite Snow & Graham friends. This is another of those looks-far-more-complicated-than-it-is projects that I turn to when I want to make a big impact with readily available materials and a small amount of time. I think they look fantastic in Snow & Graham wrapping papers, but I have seen beautiful versions made of sheet music, paper doilies, and pages from old books. You can whip one up with 8.5 x 11 sheets of copy paper and the simplicity will be lovely.

This is also a project that scales very easily, and as such I am outlining the steps here rather than an exact how-to. We made the one pictured here using half sheets of our wrapping paper (15 x 20 inches) and ended up with a wreath that measures nearly 4.5 feet in diameter.

You will need:
20 to 24 sheets of text weight paper
1 cardboard circle base
6 to 8 circles of cardstock
Hot Glue

Start by making cones out of the text weight paper using hot glue on the outer corner to seal and hold the shape. The size of the cones will determine how many you will need to complete your wreath, so I suggest laying the cones in a circle prior to gluing to the cardboard circle as you go. ¬†Once you have enough cones to fill the wreath, you will need to glue each cone to the your base as well as to each other. Start by attaching your first cone to the center of the base using hot glue. Run a bead of glue (carefully – it’s hot!) along one edge of your next cone and gingerly position this next to the first cone. You’ll want to apply a small amount of glue to the tip of the cone to secure it to the base as well. Repeat until you have attached all of the cones to the base.

There are endless options for the center. For these larger “poinsettia” style wreaths, I like to use the 5 inch circles of cardstock from Paper Source. Folding a triangle into each circle and attaching the flaps to one another in a manner that mimics the wreath, you can make the center slightly convex which will help it nestle into the shape of the wreath’s center.

top photos by Bonnie Tsang all others by me

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