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I Spy: Wrapping Paper Serving “Trays”

I love this use of our wraps (#1647 Twiggy and #1648 Hatch) that my dear friend Caroline posted on her smart and inspired blog, Whipped. I have done versions of this, making placemats  and “dolies” out of our waps, but the genius of placing party food directly on parchment paper for easy clean up is very clever and very Caroline. whipped2

And while Caroline’s blog is really about food, you will also find this great use of our paper.  An oat meal container is given new life when filled with homemade cookies and a wrap of our retired paper #1617 Vines.  The cookies are the famous Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chips, a recipe that urban legend has it was purchased for $250. It can be your for free right here.

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One Response to “I Spy: Wrapping Paper Serving “Trays””

  1. Val says:

    Love this!!! In fact i love all your stuff! Wish i could find your stuff in Canada! Maybe i should open a store…..

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