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my paintings

A few months ago a dear friend made me this big pot of soup. I posted the photo above on Instagram of her pretty blue dutch oven sitting on my kitchen counter. Inside was the tasty chicken noodle soup that cured me. In the background you can see three of my paintings.

Snow & Graham | Ebony's paintings

I received a few questions and compliments about the “posters” on Instagram and so a few days later I shared the above photo. The response and kindness that followed tickled me. It was even more of a treat when the photo of my middle boy, laying on our disheveled couch showed up on the boards of some of my favorite pinners here and here. Since then we have received wonderful emails and phone calls wanting to know when these prints will be available.

I am excited to let you know that we are in the process of producing fine art quality prints of my paintings. We will be sure to let you know when the prints become available and if you are not already on our email list, please be sure to sign up here.


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design notes: sunflower

I guess you could say that I am a designer with a feminine bent. Flowers are my thing and I have always, always loved pink. When I gave birth to a son (and then another, and then another) I came to terms to a life without tu-tus or tricked out doll houses. There would be no daisy themed birthday parties, no floral murals on the nursery wall. I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that what mommy did for a living (drawing flowers) would be as engaging to them as what my dad did for a living (investment banking) was to me.

sunflower | Snow & Graham

As luck would have it, my boys like what I draw and they have inspired me to draw things I might not have otherwise. (See Sledders, Nutcrackers and this Donkey) And were it not for a request from my first born sun son, I may not have ever gotten around to drawing sunflowers. His exact words were “a big, big sunflower…..for your sons!”

Some designs come from a pure place of love, from an affection that has been nurtured and cultivated over years and years. My Garden Roses are a nod to the days I spent at the hip of my Grandmother tending to her rose garden. The scent and softness of rose petals will always remind me of her. But this is the story of how I came to be inspired by sunflowers, and it is a little less romantic.

Snow & Graham | sunflower

I had to dig deep to find sunflower inspiration. I had to approach it like a research paper. I had to go to wikipedia. And that is where I read about the mathematical way to model the arrangement of a sunflower head. It is important to note that I did not use this model…..but it got me inspired. Reducing complex forms to simple graphic icons is how I would best describe my approach. Thinking about math is complex for me, but I love the idea that problems can be solved in tidy and definite ways. In design it can feel like there are endless solutions. Like the work is never done.

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nicely paired: Place Setting

Details! Details! It’s all in the details. A pop of pink gives special attention to the guests of honor on our Place Setting invitation. Add that same thoughtful flare to your table with pretty pink cutlery from one of our favorites online Leif.

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HOW TO: mini cupcake wrappers

One of the most popular posts on this blog is our Cupcake Wrapper from a few years ago. We decided to do a little update to celebrate this simple and sweet project. As we did in the original post, we used good-ol’ store bought cupcakes, but this time minis. The variety of flavors and patterns makes it hard to choose just one…..so you better have two or three.

You’ll want to download the new template for this mini size and follow the original directions here.

They are equally darling all made up to match. We love this project for carrying a theme through out an event, like this one here.


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tokens of affection

Do you ever give a gift just because? A little something (or even a big something) given out of the blue seems all that much more sweet because they were hardly expected and ever so thoughtful. As much as I love to acknowledge birthdays with cards and gifts, I have a terrible record for on-time deliveries. I have rounded up a few of my favorite things that make great gifts for every occasion or no occasion at all.

Above : Pocket wish lamp from GreerChan Luu scarf from Virtu.

Below: Enamel heart pin from Greenwich Letterpress. Patterned pens from Urbanic. What’s up buttercup? card from Snow & Graham. Ampersand print from Sugar Paper.

justbecause3 justbecause2

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Chic Chick Shower {part two}

I have been sitting on this post for weeks, in fact these photos were taken months ago. And then this morning I woke up and thought “this is silly, why am I so delinquent in posting these beautiful pictures?”

Why? Why? Why?

It hit me that this shower looks like it took a lot of effort, when in truth this blog post took much more. (You can see the inspiration and the parts that created this sum here.) For one, words are not my forte and two I have had a difficult time finding a point of view for this post. Which is funny because the point of view or theme of this shower was so clear. And that clarity made this a really easy event to pull off.

Chic Chick Shower | Snow & Graham

For as many wonderful resources as there are these days for party inspiration there is that terrible self-inflicted pressure to make your child’s birthday party or best friend’s baby shower extra special and unique. What might start out as a desire to be a little creative and have some fun can become a stress inducing week of sourcing the perfect color stripey straws.

Chic Chick Candy | Snow & Graham

When I look at these pictures I am in awe a little bit. It looks so well thought out and put together. The truth is that it was and it wasn’t. All of the paper details were dictated by the invitation and some effort was certainly given there, but after that it all came together pretty quickly. The hardest part was cleaning my house!

Chic Chick Shower | Snow & Graham

All of the sweets were store bought. I chose what to serve based on the color of the invitation. Picking one or two colors and committing to them gives the presentation a lot of impact. The whole you-eat-with-your-eyes thing is in full effect here. And I did the same thing with the flowers. I bought every variety of yellow they had at the grocery store that day and kept the arranging simple by keeping them separate. I love this trick.

Chic Chick Shower | Snow & Graham

I know this doesn’t look easy, and it wasn’t in some ways. But having that clear point of view, that theme to fall back on made a world of difference. That’s the best thing I can recommend for any party plans or just about anything.

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nicely paired: Peeps and Chicks

A tidy row of marshmallow Peeps was on my mind when designing our Chicks wrapping paper. Surprise your Easter hostess with a pack of the iconic treat in a wrap to match.

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Chic Chick baby shower {part one}

With each of my pregnancies I waited to find out what I was having until my boys (all three!) were born. It drives some people crazy, but for me it felt right. Finding out makes a lot of little things much easier, and as a first class planner I totally get why people choose to do so. Preparing the nursery, picking out names and, of course, throwing the baby shower all take a little more creative thinking when you don’t know if you should go pink or blue.

What does that leave? The dreaded yellow! Here is my outline for putting together a fresh and modern take on the de facto gender neutral color. Details below, more photos of the shower to come!

(click through for details…)

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nicely paired: Blue Valentine

While we love lots of red and pink at Valentine’s day, moody blues in denim hues have a romance all their own. Slip on a pair of these heart patterned jeans before you head off on your Valentine delivery route.

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a Valentine treat

This may not surprise you, but I love Valentine’s day. Love the cards, love the candy, love the love. This is a quick little project we made up that highlights all three of those elements.

These are a nod to the bags of candy that are designed to hang from hooks at the store. I’ve always had a fascination with those bags. We ran sheets of our Roses notePAD through an inkjet printer and attached them to cellophane bags filled with candy using colorful brads.

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